About David Grossman

As the Producer/Director of four series including, “12 Monkeys” and “Desperate Housewives,” David has had his hand in crafting television history.  From his roots as a live multi-camera director, to then directing multi and single camera comedy and drama, David has excelled in every genre of television. He draws on all of his experiences, as well as his love of the great filmmakers, to bring a steady-handed confidence to everything he directs.

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"12 Monkeys - Die Glocke"

"12 Monkeys - Thief"

"Incorporated - Cost Containment"



"The Expanse - Home"
Named One of the 13 Best episodes in all of TV 2017

"12 Monkeys - Thief"

"12 Monkeys - Die Glocke"

"Desperate Housewives - Something's Coming"
Nominated for DGA Award


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